Discover the outdoor wonders of Prineville, Central Oregon!

Endless recreation opportunities in this breathtaking city, from exciting watersports to scenic hiking and thrilling biking.

Cycling in Prineville

Explore the stunning Crooked River Canyon and the mountainous terrain of the Ochocos as you navigate our scenic bikeway, gravel routes, and eclectic trail systems.

Water Sports in Prineville

Experience the serenity of Crook County's waterways, where ample opportunities to fish, boat, swim, paddleboard, camp, or even stargaze, await you.

Prineville offers diverse hiking trails, showcasing lush forests, rugged canyons, and stunning vistas that cater to adventure-seekers and hikers of all skill levels.

Tee off along our tranquil fairways as you take in the beautiful landscape of the High Desert at Prineville's choice golf courses: Meadow Lakes and Prineville Golf Club.

A plethora of exploration activities for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

From its dark night activities to its iconic landmarks, rockhounding activities, diverse bird species, and off-road adventures, Prineville is a haven for outdoor exploration.

Rockhounding in Prineville

Crook County, rightfully known as the rockhound capital of the world, offers enthusiasts the chance to discover beautiful agates, jasper, thunder eggs, and other unique minerals.

The rural nature of Crook County creates the perfect environment for unforgettable stargazing, boasting excellent opportunities to observe the night sky and constellations.

Whether in town or deep in the majestic Ochoco Forest, Crook County is home to several iconic natural and historic landmarks that are must-sees when you visit us.

Birdwatching in Prineville

Are you a bird enthusiast looking for a picturesque location to indulge in birdwatching? Look no further than the Crooked River Wetlands.

Discover Prineville: Unveiling the Treasures of Central Oregon


Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center

Our Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center provides the perfect first stop for your visit to Prineville and Crook County, with welcoming faces, local recommendations, and bountiful resources to provide you with all the information you could want about our wonderful community. While today this building acts as a gateway to adventures throughout Crook County as a visitor center, in 1968, it was built as a new railroad depot to commemorate Prineville’s 100-year anniversary and the 50-year anniversary of the railway. The Prineville Railway stands as another example of the city’s resilience and commitment to a flourishing economy; this active railway was built to connect to the Union Pacific railway line which enhanced the capacity to engage in regional trade and conduct large-scale timber harvesting.

Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center

Steins Pillar

Steins Pillar, a 350-foot monolith of welded tuff, was deposited during the collapse of the Wildcat Mountain Caldera, around 40 million years ago. This location offers a trail to the base of the pillar, or instead can be seen from a viewing area along Mill Creek Road.

Steins Pillar Prineville Crook County hike jeep

Crooked River Wetlands Complex

The Crooked River Wetlands Complex is a remarkable environmental project that provides significant social, economic, and ecological benefits. This 120-acre multipurpose complex was completed as a sustainable alternative to a traditional wastewater treatment plant.

The complex is open to the public from dawn to dusk and features 5.4 miles of walking, running, hiking, and biking trails, 3.25 miles of which are paved for year-round use. It’s a popular spot for birdwatching and enjoying the serene natural landscape. For more information or to plan a visit, you can contact the City of Prineville.

Crooked River Wetlands Complex Prineville OR

The Viewpoint

Formally called Ochoco Wayside State Park, this area offers some great views of Prineville and Meadow Lakes Golf Course. A short hiking trail leads to several geocache hides. Don’t miss this stunning viewpoint on your descent into town.

Ochoco Wayside State Park Prineville

Barnes Butte Recreational Area

Barnes Butte is a recreational area perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing with trails that are open year-round. The area is also known for its wildlife and panoramic views of the Prineville valley, stretching from the Cascades to the Ochocos. The main trail is a 2.7-mile out-and-back route that is considered moderately challenging. It starts at an old corral and stables and includes some steep and rocky terrain near the summit. Parts of the trail are paved and accessible to those with mobility issues.

Barnes Butte Recreational Area

Crook County Courthouse

The Crook County Courthouse has a rich history dating back to its construction in the late 1800s. The current building is not the original courthouse; the first one was constructed in 1885 and was replaced by the current structure in 1909. The courthouse is an architectural landmark in Prineville. It features classical architecture with elements of neoclassical design, common in courthouses built during the early 20th century. The building’s facade is adorned with columns, decorative moldings, and other ornate details.

crook county courthouse

Juniper Haven Cemetery

Juniper Haven Cemetery is the final resting place for generations of Prineville residents, including pioneers, veterans, and community leaders. The cemetery contains a mix of gravesites, ranging from simple markers to elaborate monuments, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and histories of those interred there. The cemetery holds significance for the local community, serving as a place of remembrance and reflection. Families visit the graves of their loved ones, while historians and genealogists explore the cemetery to learn more about Prineville’s past. Efforts are made to ensure that the cemetery remains a dignified and respectful place for visitors and that historical gravesites are preserved for future generations.

Juniper Haven Cemetery Prineville

The Howard School

The Howard School was a classic one-room schoolhouse in the Ochoco Mountains of central Oregon. the Howard School’s purpose was to educate the children of the mining camps and the children of the local ranchers. Oregon history is well-shown in this fine example of the traditional one-room rural schoolhouse. The building dates to around 1915, replacing the original 1895 schoolhouse after it was lost to fire. A small group of former students from a remote area northeast of Prineville have remained true to their school. It is located 16 miles outside of Prineville, just two miles off of US 26 E on Ochoco Creek Rd.

Ochoco Mines

The Ochoco mines are a group of historical mines located in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon. There were once over 1,000 mines in the Ochocos, extracting cinnabar, gold, and thundereggs. Today, very few remain open. The most frequented mines include the Mother Lode Mine and Independent Mine, which are great places to visit and reflect on the past mining activities. Gold was discovered in the Ochoco Mountains in 1871, leading to a short burst of mining activity and the establishment of the Howard Mining District. While these mines are not currently maintained, they offer family-friendly hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, and bird watching. However, there are no facilities like potable water or restrooms, and visitors should enter structures at their own risk.

Ochoco Mines

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