Discover the outdoor wonders of Prineville, Central Oregon!

Endless recreation opportunities in this breathtaking city, from exciting watersports to scenic hiking and thrilling biking.

Cycling in Prineville

Explore the stunning Crooked River Canyon and the mountainous terrain of the Ochocos as you navigate our scenic bikeway, gravel routes, and eclectic trail systems.

Water Sports in Prineville

Experience the serenity of Crook County's waterways, where ample opportunities to fish, boat, swim, paddleboard, camp, or even stargaze, await you.

Prineville offers diverse hiking trails, showcasing lush forests, rugged canyons, and stunning vistas that cater to adventure-seekers and hikers of all skill levels.

Tee off along our tranquil fairways as you take in the beautiful landscape of the High Desert at Prineville's choice golf courses: Meadow Lakes and Prineville Golf Club.

A plethora of exploration activities for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

From its dark night activities to its iconic landmarks, rockhounding activities, diverse bird species, and off-road adventures, Prineville is a haven for outdoor exploration.

Rockhounding in Prineville

Crook County, rightfully known as the rockhound capital of the world, offers enthusiasts the chance to discover beautiful agates, jasper, thunder eggs, and other unique minerals.

The rural nature of Crook County creates the perfect environment for unforgettable stargazing, boasting excellent opportunities to observe the night sky and constellations.

Whether in town or deep in the majestic Ochoco Forest, Crook County is home to several iconic natural and historic landmarks that are must-sees when you visit us.

Birdwatching in Prineville

Are you a bird enthusiast looking for a picturesque location to indulge in birdwatching? Look no further than the Crooked River Wetlands.

Experience Crook County as a Dynamic Cycling Haven


Crook County has been growing in bicycle-related tourism in the past few years due to the designation of the Crooked River Canyon Scenic Bikeway, races such as Butte, Scoot and Boogie, and the addition of numerous mountain biking trails, including the popular Lower 66.

In 2014, Good Bike Co., LLC opened in town, offering bike sales, repairs, and rentals. They have also hosted several bike races, as well as accommodate the rising trend of “bike-packing”. Bike-packing blends the concept of off-road mountain biking with long-distance backpacking.

Photo courtesy of Travel Oregon


Crooked River Scenic Bikeway

Bike along the beautiful Crooked River and appreciate the scenic canyons that surround you as you journey 24 to 38 miles to the Prineville Reservoir. The varying elevation and changing wind directions make this a moderately difficult ride. Be careful on this trek, the road can get pretty narrow and curvy, with minimal shoulder access.

Lamonta Loop

Head out of downtown Prineville and admire the large stretches of pasture, home to several herds of cattle, on this 14-mile loop with a moderate difficulty level.

Long Bike Path Loop

Ride along the Ochoco Creek, through Stryker Park and Ochoco Creek Park and beyond for this easy, 3-mile ride in downtown Prineville.


Photo courtesy of Russ Roca

Leave No Trace

Be a Good Steward of the Land and Leave No Trace

Big Summit Prairie

A mix of scenic mountain prairie and ponderosa forest on this smooth-riding loop. A classic spring ride with loads of flowers. Keep an eye for antelope and wild mustangs on your ride! For a smaller, 30-mile loop, get directions to the start of the route at the intersection of NF-42 and NF-4210, here. For a longer, 71-mile ride,

North Star

One of the best rides in the area, showcasing everything Central Oregon and the Ochocos have to offer in this 46-mile trek with a climb of 2,162 feet.

Wolf Mountain Lookout

Ponderosas galore, streams, wildflowers, wildlife … more of the wild, wild west rugged rocky terrain and rolling green ranchlands. This 37-mile demanding route includes the old Ranger Station and Wolf Mountain Lookout, too.


66 Trails

The 66 Trails are a compact but fun trail system, comprising 66 acres of land and twelve single-track mountain bike and hiking trails that are located within the city limits of Prineville. There are three trail heads that can be accessed by car or bike.

Bandit Springs Trails

Explore the beautiful Ochoco mountains and creeks on a variety of trails at Bandit Springs: 6 easy trails along the bottom of the slope, with 2 moderate trails (Scotty Creek & Cougar Creek) that run downhill from the viewpoint and Cougar West day-use area.

Green Mountain Trail

Venture into the Ochocos, past the majestic Steins Pillar, to enjoy this 9-mile, less traveled, green double-track trail. This mountain bike primary trail is also open to hikers and off-road vehicles, so keep an eye out. This trail boasts a stunning view of the and a 1,375 ft blue climb.

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